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October 2, 2007

Rock and Roll Hall of Sham

It’s now official: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is bogus.

According to this article, the Hall is controlled by the publisher of Rolling Stone magazine. This year’s nominees to the hall are Chic, Afrika Bambaataa, John Mellencamp, the Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, Madonna, Dave Clark Five, the Ventures and Leonard Cohen.

Chic? Afrika Bamalamadingdong? Beastie Boys? Donna Summer? MADONNA? You have got to be kidding me. And the Dave Clark Five should have been in in the last vote, because they got more votes than, get this, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. What’s rap “music” got to do with Rock and Roll?

The Hall of Fame should have been located in Memphis, Tennessee to begin with. The fact that Cleveland got it is due more to the money they put up than anything the city had to do with the history of Rock and Roll. That should have been a clear indication of the criteria they’d use for induction to the Hall of Fame.

So, who’ll Madonna beat into the Hall of Fame? Roger Friedman’s article I linked to above lists lots of artists and bands. Bands like The Moody Blues, Yes, Genesis and performers like Tina Turner, Neil Sedaka, and Billy Preston. The fact that none of these historically significant performers is already in the Hall pretty much diminishes the Hall’s importance.

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