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October 1, 2007

Viva NBC’s Las Vegas?

I admit it. I’ve gotten interested in the NBC TV show Las Vegas. I’ve always liked James Caan as an actor, and the storylines were pretty entertaining.

So I was disappointed with Friday night’s fifth season premier. It resolved the cliff-hangers from season four in about five minutes, then took the viewer on a path leading to Caan’s character’s leaving. As far as Nikki Cox’s character, she was pretty much dealt with in the opening scenes. It just seemed like the writers were left with a “we didn’t know two actors were leaving when we wrote the cliff-hanger” scenario. The cell-phone video seemed a little too contrived for my taste.

The show’s producers would also have you believe that a casino president skips town because he’s wanted for murder (along with one of his employees) and a new guy comes in, pays the back taxes, and takes ownership in a matter of a couple of days. I know this is fiction, but they should have extended the time frame a little bit. Nevada State Gaming authorities aren’t just going to let some guy come in out of the blue as a casino owner without going through some kind of approval process. (I also know that the folks who monitor the cameras aren’t allowed on the casino floor, but I’ve managed to suspend that disbelief to watch the show up till now.)

It’s too early to say whether the show has jumped the shark. It’s still possible that Tom Selleck’s character can breathe some new life into the series.

In the meantime, I’m DVR’ing TBS’s rerunning of season one each weekday morning. I didn’t start watching the show regularly until last season, so it’s giving me a good chance to catch up with the characters. It’s interesting how Mike can go from a valet to a security guy.

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