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October 4, 2007

Question for Comcast

I’ve had internet service through cable for quite a few years now. When it started out, it was actually called @HOME. Then Comcast bought them out.

I created an email account with the Comcast service, primarily so I could send myself stuff. But my main email address is at the harness.us domain. My wife’s main email address is at Comcast.net.

Twice, in the last year, I’ve sent her email from my harness.us account, only to have it bounced back saying that my email matched the profile of a spammer and that  they were blocking all email from harness.us. I’ve had to go to their silly form on their web site and beg to be reinstated.

Their purpose, supposedly, is to lessen or eliminate spam to their customers. OK, that’s more or less a noble cause.

But here’s my question: Why, Comcast, do I get about a dozen spam emails a week on my own Comcast.net email account? The one that I’ve never published, never given to anyone, and should be unknown to anyone? Seems like their spam filters return too many false positives and not enough true positives.

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