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October 8, 2007

NASCAR: Nationwide Is Not On My Side

Next year the NASCAR Busch Series will be known as the NASCAR Nationwide Series. The insurance company signed a seven year deal with NASCAR to become the title sponsor of the second-tier series, and to become their official insurance company, replacing Allstate.

In a lesson perhaps learned with the AT&T fiasco this year, instead of grandfathering in Geico, a competitor of Nationwide, they’ll be sunsetting that sponsorship after two years. In other words, the team with the Geico sponsorship has two years to find another sponsor.  I guess that beats getting sued, but I still don’t think it’s correct that NASCAR has prior restraint on someone’s contract.

There’s been talk that NASCAR is looking to change the cars in this series in the next couple of years. With that in combination with the Car of Tomorrow being used exclusively in the Cup Series next year you would think that it would lessen the number of Cup guys in the series (guess they’ll have to come up with a name to replace Busch wackers; maybe claims adjusters?).

The Truck Series doesn’t have this problem; those drivers don’t have to worry about a dozen “outsiders” coming in every week, taking their points and prize money. And as a result, the battle for the championship is very close. It’s so close that NASCAR doesn’t need to “fake” up a chase to make it exciting.

Speaking of exciting, the Talladega Cup race was pretty good I thought… except for that one spot right before halfway where they all decided to stop racing and play follow the leader. I think the finish would have been more exciting if Earnhardt and Waltrip hadn’t had troubles. Of course, Stewart did his best to make it exciting, swerving from one lane to the other. No wonder he’s never won there.

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