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February 25, 2009

NASCAR: The Big One

I was a little surprised with this last Daytona 500, or at least the coverage of it. Normally you hear drivers complaining about restrictor plates and how those plates are dangerous because they cause “the big one”. Never mind the fact that most of those “big ones” are caused by driver error (or if you’re […]

February 16, 2009

NASCAR: Random Racin’ Ruminations

SHOOTOUT: Rookies shouldn’t be allowed in the Shootout. Enough said. TRUCK SERIES: The truck series new rule about not having more than five men over the wall at a time showed itself to be stupid the other night. Trucks would come in and either get tires or fuel, then circle back around and get fuel […]

December 3, 2008


Bobby Hamilton Racing is no more. The team, run by Hamilton’s widow, closed up shop last week. I guess the reason was lack of sponsorship. Without Hamilton running the operation, I’d suspect that sponsors weren’t exactly breaking the doors down. One also has to wonder about the management. You had to know something was up […]

November 11, 2008

NASCAR: All Over But The Shouting

About nine o’clock on Sunday night, I realized I’d completely missed the Phoenix Cup race. As it turns out, I didn’t miss much. Jimmie Johnson won again and virtually clinched the title. Here are a few random thoughts I’ve had about the race and the season. Top Dog: You’ve got to wonder what Jeff Gordon’s […]

October 22, 2008

NASCAR Chase Thoughts

Chase This – NASCAR couldn’t have done a better job of keeping Kyle Busch from winning the championship if they’d tried. A driver who would still be in the hunt under the old system is now pretty much out of the race. The new system came about because people complained that the driver with the […]

October 5, 2008

NASCAR Gets It Right, and Wrong

Was that race at Talladega something else or what? I’ve always maintained that the restrictor plate races are some of the best races around, and today’s race was no exception. Generally the talk of “the big one” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Carl Edwards’ bonehead move tore up a lot of cars; he was right to […]

July 27, 2008

The Brickyard 25

I almost forgot about the race at Indy on Sunday. When I tuned into it, they were about 30 or so laps in and the commentators were talking about “competition” caution. Since I missed the pre-race show, I figured that it must’ve rained and washed all the rubber off the track, and NASCAR was throwing […]

May 25, 2008

Memorial Weekend Racing

Between NASCAR and Indy Racing, there are quite a few races over Memorial Day weekend. I spent most of Sunday in front of the TV. BACK HOME AGAIN: Almost missed the start of the Indianapolis 500 race for some reason. As it turns out, I did miss most of the pre-race show. I got to […]

May 1, 2008

NASCAR Richmond Thoughts

Just a few random racing thoughts heading into the weekend races at Richmond. MORE PLATES PLEASE: How about those races from Talladega? Both the NASCAR Cup race and the NASCAR Series races were pretty exciting. We should have more restrictor plate racing. LESS ESPN PLEASE: In a move that shows why ESPN should never have […]

March 10, 2008

NASCAR: Who Made Out Better?

After last season, Hendrick unceremoniously got rid of Kyle Busch and put Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in that spot. Gibbs got rid of JJ Yeley, who went to Hall of Fame Racing. DEI replaces Earnhardt with Mark Martin (and gets Regan Smith too) by buying the team Martin was with. So, who got the best deal? […]