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May 1, 2008

NASCAR Richmond Thoughts

Just a few random racing thoughts heading into the weekend races at Richmond.

MORE PLATES PLEASE: How about those races from Talladega? Both the NASCAR Cup race and the NASCAR Series races were pretty exciting. We should have more restrictor plate racing.

LESS ESPN PLEASE: In a move that shows why ESPN should never have been given any more NASCAR races, they’re not even broadcasting the NASCAR Series event on Friday night on one of their two main (or three if you count ABC) channels. In a move reminiscent of when they preempted racing to show the football draft, they’ve moved the Friday night Richmond telecast to something called “ESPN Classic”. To lessen the impact, SPEED will be picking up the slack by simulcasting it. I do get both channels, but not in hi-def, which is what I watch all racing in now. Again, ESPN shows their complete disrespect for the racing fan.

SMOKIN’ TIRES: Tony Stewart and Matt Yokum are providing the tires for Morgan Shepherd this weekend. Shepherd had a great run at Talladega last Saturday, and Stewart and Yokum have decided to help him out this week. Good job guys!

POKER RUN: Bobby Hamilton, Jr., himself coming off a great Talladega finish (3rd), will be hosting a poker run on May 10. The proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society. Should be a good ride through the back roads of Robertson County.

SHOW NASCAR WHO’S BOSS: NASCAR again is running a NASCAR Cup race on Saturday night, in direct competition against the local short tracks. In a time when local tracks are threatened with being shut down, I don’t understand why NASCAR continues to do this. They’re putting the local tracks at risk.

Here’s what I propose: don’t watch the Richmond race Saturday night. Tape it, Tivo it, DVR it, or otherwise record it and watch it Sunday. Then go to your local bull ring and watch some great racing. I’m lucky; I live in Nashville where we have the track at the Fairgrounds (its existence too is threatened) that’s spawned so many great drivers like Darrell Waltrip, Sterling Marlin, Bobby Hamilton, Casey Atwood, Jeff Green, and Jeremy Mayfield.

So, show NASCAR you support local racing. Don’t watch the Cup race live Saturday night; pack your local track.

STERLING SUPPORTS LOCAL RACING: Speaking of Sterling Marlin and local racing, Marlin has committed to running several races at Music City Motorplex. May 10th, June 14th, July 18th, August 8th, August 30th and October 11th are the dates Marlin announced he would run. He’s back with Coors Light as a sponsor, both on his car and as sponsor of the events. Looks like he won’t get to run the May 10th race though. He’s announced that he’ll be replacing Dario Franchitti in the #40 car at Darlington.

During the public meetings last January to kick off the study by the consultant the Tennessee State Fair Board hired to figure out what to do with the track, Sterling was the only big name driver to show up.  I’m glad to see he still remembers where he came from.

DUELING NETWORKS: And finally, seems that both MRN and PRN want to broadcast the New Hampshire races. MRN says they’ve got a contract, and PRN says it’s not valid. I don’t listen to races much on the radio anymore, but the difference between MRN and PRN is like night and day. Here’s hoping MRN prevails.

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