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July 27, 2008

The Brickyard 25

I almost forgot about the race at Indy on Sunday. When I tuned into it, they were about 30 or so laps in and the commentators were talking about “competition” caution. Since I missed the pre-race show, I figured that it must’ve rained and washed all the rubber off the track, and NASCAR was throwing the caution to let the teams check tire wear.

Wow, was I wrong.

What happened Sunday was unacceptable. If I’d paid money to go see that race, I’d be demanding a refund (and by the way, who in their right mind would actually pay to go to a race track where, if you’ve got a good spot, you can only see 25% of the action?).

It was interesting to see how the commentators, drivers, owners, NASCAR and even Goodyear fell all over themselves not to blame the tire or Goodyear. So I’ll do it: Goodyear brought a lousy tire. I thought it was especially ironic when they’d talk about the tire situation, and then go to a shot from the blimp and part of the pitch was about the quality of Goodyear tires.

This is one reason I’m not as big a race fan now as I used to be. It just doesn’t matter much anymore.

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