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August 11, 2008

Weekend Sports Thoughts

Still find myself watching the Olympics, a whole lot more than I’d intended. But I also watched some racing too. Here are some thoughts on what I watched over the weekend:

  • NASCAR Trucks: They were at “Nashville” Superspeedway Saturday night. Funny how “Nashville” Superspeedway isn’t even in the same county as Nashville. Anyway, Johnny Benson seems to finally found his niche in NASCAR as he goes for a championship in the truck series. His win Saturday night was his third in a row, and he gave an otherwise dull race an exciting finish.
  • NASCAR Cup Series: I watched some of the Cup race at Watkins Glen. Personally, I think Watkins Glen is too dangerous now, since they had a “big one”, so I recommend they take it off the circuit. Actually, that’s a sarcastic remark there. Seems that every time they go to a plate race, everyone talks about how dangerous it is because of the “big one”. They had a “big one” at the Glen, and they’ve had “big ones” at Bristol and other tracks, so if a “big one” is the only criteria needed to remove a track from the series, then there are several tracks that need to be removed.
  • Olympics swimming: Maybe the Chinese are using a counterfeit iPod to play the national anthems, or at least the American National Anthem. Either that, or they seriously showed a lack of respect to the US when they played the Anthem for Michael Phelps’ Gold Medal ceremony. It started wrong, and then they ended it short.
  • Olympics gymnastics: I watched the Chinese Women’s Dwarf Gymnastic team. At least, they appear to be dwarfs, if their ages are correct. Otherwise, they’re putting up 12 year olds in their women’s gymnastic program, and since that’s not permitted.
  • NBC Commentators: Would someone tell NBC’s gymnastics and diving commentators what country they’re from? Seems that the USA competitors in those two sports couldn’t do anything right (according to the commentators) and the Chinese competitors could do no wrong. I don’t necessarily expect them to be cheerleaders, but come on. But if they’re going to cheer the Chinese, then they should cheer the Americans as well.
  • NBC Commentators, Part 2: The gymnastic commentators were the worst; they could have taken a minute or two to explain the new scoring, instead of just assuming we all knew about it already. There are apparently new scoring procedures in a few sports, and they should make sure to explain them.
  • NBC Commentators, Part 3: NBC just needs to go ahead and replace their swimming commentators. They completely blew it Sunday night. On one of the women’s finals, they pretty much discounted everyone except the Italian swimmer. She finished fourth. Then in the men’s 4×100 relay, they pronounced the French as the winners before the race. They finished second, behind the Americans.
  • Speaking of the French: Bite me.
  • New Countries: I’ve already commented about Taiwan’s being called “Chinese Taipei” and not being allowed to fly their own flag. But apparently a new country called “Korea”, even though North Korea and South Korea marched into the opening ceremonies separately.
  • Boxing Scoring: Even with the “open” scoring in boxing, they still “miss” punches that should score. Not sure what they need to do, but the potential for funny business seems to be as high as ever.
  • NBC Olympic Logo: Wonder how much Marlboro paid NBC Olympic logo? Yeah, I know, they don’t see “Marlboro” but the similarities are amazing.

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