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October 17, 2007

NASCAR: Sterling, Sterling, Sterling

I went to see the “Southern 300” Sunday at Music City Motorplex. The main reason I went was to see former Nextel driver Sterling Marlin race. I hadn’t seen him race at the Fairgrounds in probably 10 years, so I was looking forward to it.

Before the race, I logged onto the Motorplex’s web site to get the starting lineups. I was pleased to see there were 25 cars in the field (which is about 10 more than average these days) and that Sterling and his son Steadman were starting in the top 10.

I was surprised then when the race started that they were both in the back. I figured that they’d changed engines or something and had to go to the rear. I was surprised today to learn that they’d been put to the rear for having soaked tires. Was Sterling that unsure of his car or talent? He won two track championships there, not to mention two Daytona 500’s, so I think he’s capable of winning there.

There was really no need to try to cheat to run well. Once the race started, he zoomed towards the front and was running 7th when he had throttle “problems”. One now has to wonder if he really had any problem at all; did he exit early because he knew his car wouldn’t pass the post-race inspection?

I’m really disappointed in Sterling.

Otherwise, the race was pretty good. It was nice to see that many cars on the track. It’d be great to see the track get back to the level it was when Bob Harmon ran it. If they had 25 cars then, that was considered a low car count. Thirty or so cars were the norm. Same is true for the SuperTruck division. They used to average in the mid twenties for starters; now they’re lucky to get a dozen.

In a later post, I’ll put forth a few thoughts about what’s wrong with the track and what it needs to get back on its feet.

Anyway, it was good to see Skip McCord win the race.  I’d seen him race several years ago on a weekly basis (in the SuperTruck division I think). Recently he’s been working at Bobby Hamilton Sr’s shop as a fabricator, and the trophy for the race was named in honor of Bobby, so that was pretty fitting.

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