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November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Post

Here I am on my lunch break at work. There’s nothing going on today. It boggles my mind that they’d go to the expense of having the office open today with maybe 5% of the workforce here.

Anyway, all I’m doing is rebuilding a computer (i.e. wiping the hard drive and reinstalling everything). Sometimes when you can’t diagnose a problem within a reasonable time frame, wiping and reinstalling everything makes the most sense. Why spend 6 or 8 hours trying to diagnose a problem when you can spend half that rebuilding the OS and apps?

I’m still experimenting with the look and feel of the blog. I found out about “Widgets” last night and spent way too much time playing with those and widget-ready themes. I should have been submitting the new press release for Fine Art Touch. We’ve started offering hand-painted reproductions of fine art works, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Guess the next thing I need to do is start adding some links to places I go to. Looks like I need to research what a “blogroll” is all about.

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