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November 25, 2006

The Last of the Full Grown Men

Webb Wilder LogoWe went to Knoxville last Saturday night to take part in Webb Fest 2006. Basically, it was a special show for Webb Wilder’s fans who post on his message board at www.webbwilder.com. If you don’t know who Webb Wilder is, go check out his web site or his MySpace site.

I first saw Webb (and his band, the Beatnecks) play at the Exit/In here in Nashville in 1988 or so. I was impressed enough that when I saw a CD by the band in a local Tower records, I bought it. That CD was called “It Came From Nashville”.

Later I saw Webb on a local late night comedy show on Channell 4. He sung a song about Elvis Presley (called Blue Yodel #9) that was really funny. Some how I didn’t really keep up with the band, and it wasn’t until the Doo Dad album came out that I started getting interested in his music again. I took Brenda to the show where they debuted his video compilation “Corn Flicks” (which includes two Webb Wilder, Private Eye shorts) and got to see him play with Al Kooper.

After that, I discovered that he’d released an album called Hybrid Vigor that I’d missed, so I got that one. He came out with a couple more (“Acres of Suede” and “Town and Country”) that I also got. I listened to them a while, but didn’t really keep up with his career.

Then one day in 1999 or 2000, I was listening to WKDF in the car one evening. I was astonished to hear Webb was the DJ. That got me interested in dusting off his CD’s again. I’ll bet I played “Acres of Suede” 50 times in a row. I saw where he was playing at a little club called The Sutler, and decided to go. Brenda was sick, so I was on my own. The band outnumbered the audience. But they put on a heck of a show.

After that, Webb started playing more often in Nashville, and Brenda and I went to as many shows as we could (and still do). We’ve seen Webb play at numerous places in Nashville. We’ve also travelled to Chicago, Johnson City, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Huntsville, Alabama. We were at the taping of his new DVD “Tough It Out” in Birmimgham. That was a great show.

Last Saturday night, Webb Fest 2006 happened. Steve Mimms, the director of the Webb Wilder Private Eye shorts, was there. He gave the audience a preview of the new unfinished Webb Wilder movie, Scattergun. It featured Webb’s longtime drummer Jimmy Lester and his producer/co-writer, RS Field. I’m looking forward to the final release next year.

So, if you haven’t heard anything by Webb, go to Amazon or Webb’s MySpace site and preview some tracks. There’s not enough music like this being made. As Webb might say “Pick up on it.”

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, the title of this blog comes from one of Webb’s songs.

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