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November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving. Since I have to work on Friday, we didn’t get a chance to go to my mom’s house to eat Thanksgiving “dinner” (from what I hear, her Thanksgiving meal was actually ready around 8 am this morning). Instead, we went to a cafeteria that was jam packed with turkey eaters. Had to wait in line around 20 minutes.

After getting back, I decided to play a little online poker at Doyle’s Room. I ended up winning the 8-handed sit-and-go tournament I entered. FYI, I never bluff; if I bet, I’ve got the best hand.

So I’m still getting all this blog stuff set up and experimenting with things to see what happens when I do stuff. So this entry is part test, part blog post. I haven’t really told anyone I have a blog yet, since this is still more for my use in getting acclimated. So if you’re reading this, how about commenting and letting me know how you found the place.

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