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August 20, 2007

San Diego Zoo

During our recent vacation out west, we spent a day at the San Diego Zoo. The world famous San Diego Zoo. The internationally renowned San Diego Zoo. The zoo that provided all the animals for Joan Embry’s visit to Johnny Carson’s show.That zoo. I don’t know; maybe I expected too much. We started out on […]

July 19, 2007

Music Listening Ettiquette

We went to see Rachel Williams Wednesday night at 3rd & Lindsley. She was celebrating the release of her new CD, Lonely At The Bottom. The place was packed. I liked the music (especially since our friend, Vickie Carrico, was singing background). The crowd was full of Rachel’s fans. So you’d think that they’d have […]

July 12, 2007

Digital Music

So, the Spice Girls had to go to the studio and record their “perfect” parts before their appearance at the Concert for Dianna? Seems they felt they were a little rusty in the vocal department, and decided to use some computer technology to “help” them out. In a nutshell, what they did was record the […]

July 11, 2007

Record Label Shenanigans

I just finished reading this post about a band called The Ohio Express. In my book, record labels are one step above loan sharks, but this story takes the cake. In a nutshell, the one big hit the band had, “Yummy Yummy Yummy” wasn’t even recorded by them. It was done by session musicians, but […]

June 11, 2007

The Sopranos Anticlimax

I missed pretty much the first season or two of HBO’s The Sopranos. I’d gotten into watching Oz and was ticked off that they took one of Oz‘s actors, Edie Falco. She played a prison guard in the show. Anyway, I eventually got interested in it and over the last three or four seasons made […]

June 10, 2007

Jericho Battle Won (Sort Of)

At the beginning of the fall TV season in 2006, I started watching Jericho. I was intrigued to see how they’d handle the “end of the world” scenario. Much to my surprise, the show seemed very realistic, and the reactions of the characters in the show were very believable. The only “suspension of disbelief” that […]