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August 20, 2007

San Diego Zoo

During our recent vacation out west, we spent a day at the San Diego Zoo. The world famous San Diego Zoo. The internationally renowned San Diego Zoo. The zoo that provided all the animals for Joan Embry’s visit to Johnny Carson’s show.That zoo.

I don’t know; maybe I expected too much.

We started out on the bus tour, since our tickets included that and unlimited bus rides. Yes, the zoo property is so big you just about have to think about taking a bus from one area to another. Even in the mild 74 degree weather at the beginning of August, the sun beats down on you and makes it hot.

The bus tour takes you through the major areas of the park, and the tour bus driver gives you the rundown on the animals. You don’t see all the animals, but you get a good idea of where you’ll need to trek on foot after the bus tour. After we finished the bus tour, we pretty much just started walking around the perimeter. The map they give you must have been drawn in the monkey house; it was confusing at best.

One disappointment was that a lot of the animals had been moved to the Wild Animal Park several miles away, in preparation for a new exhibit. At a zoo, you’d think it would be for live animals, but here they decide to move live animals to another place (which you have to pay to see) and replace it with a display of dinosaurs. Guess they needed to drive traffic to the new site.

I guess overall the zoo was ok, but as I mentioned above, I probably expected too much. We did get to see some animals that we’d never seen before which was interesting.

I’d say that if you had to choose between the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park, having never seen the latter, I’d still recommend it; you’re more likely to see “wild animals.”

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