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August 17, 2007

Cirque Du Soleil: LOVE

Last Saturday night, our last night in Las Vegas, we went to see LOVE at the Mirage. Through an incredible coincidence, we were able to get $125 tickets to this show for only $50. We were on the first row of section 207, which was at stage level. It looked like the $150 seats were actually below stage level, albeit closer to the stage.

The show started promptly at 7:00 pm and for the next 90 minutes we were bombarded with everything from roller roller skaters, trampolinists, acrobats, and and dancers, all set to the music of the Beatles.

It’s hard to describe the show. If you go to the show’s web site, they have a miniature preview. Check that out for just a small idea of what goes on during the show.

What struck me during the show was the almost seamless stage changes. One minute there’d be two half-pipes with roller skaters on the stage, and the next minute they’d be gone.

Last year when I heard about this show, and the remix that George and Giles Martin had done on the music, I was somewhat taken aback. My feeling is that once a song is committed to the mastering process, that’s it. I didn’t like it when Alan Parsons messed with his first Project album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, for the CD release. And Children of the Sun by Billy Thorpe sounded better with the vinyl version as well.

I’d heard the remix last year when the CD came out. It was ok, I thought, but not something I’d go out and buy. But after hearing the music in conjunction with the show, all I can say is, wow. They’ve done things that they couldn’t even think of when the music was recorded. For example, using the original master tapes, they’ve taken a demo of “Strawberry Fields Forever” and used it as the beginning of the song, later merging in the more familiar version.

Now I may end up getting the 5.1 surround sound DVD version of the music.

If you ever get to Las Vegas, by all means try to see this show. Especially if you’re a Beatles fan.

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