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August 21, 2007

Little Known Las Vegas Facts Plus Visitor Tips

During our recent trip to Las Vegas, I came across these little known facts about the city. I hope you find them interesting.

  • In a casino, the shortest distance between two points always passes by at least a dozen slot machines.
  • Also, the shortest distance between two points inside a hotel passes by at least two Starbucks.
  • Prices are higher there because, well, they can charge that much and people won’t complain, or if they do complain, what are they going to do?
  • Las Vegas drivers are some of the worst in the world.

And as a first-time visitor to Las Vegas, I had to learn things the hard way. So as a public service, here are some tips on visiting Las Vegas:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Even if you only stay in one casino, it’ll be huge (at least for the ones on the strip).
  • Everyone has their hand out. Prepare to tip just about everyone, from the bus driver taking you to Hoover dam to the dealer at your poker table. Apparently the casinos can’t afford to pay more than minimum wage.
  • SPF 50 is your friend. Las Vegas is in the middle of a desert. It’s hot and there are generally no clouds. You’ll get serious sunburn if you don’t use sunscreen.
  • High food prices. Being in the middle of a desert, Las Vegas has no agriculture to speak of; all the food comes from California or other states. High demand from all the visitors enables restaurants to charge outrageous prices for food. Stick with the fast food or go downtown for the $5.99 buffets.
  • There are other people visiting there. Strangely enough, you’re not the only one visiting Las Vegas. In light of that, please take these hints to heart:
    • When you’re walking on a sidewalk, don’t just suddenly stop to gawk at something. Someone behind you WILL run into you and be very annoyed. If you have to gawk at something, angle to the side and then stop.
    • When getting on an elevator, wait for it to empty before trying to push your way on through those folks who are trying to get off.
    • The same is true when getting on a bus, but it’s alleviated somewhat by the exit only door in the middle.

Hopefully you’ll take these little tidbits of information in the spirit they were written.

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