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June 11, 2007

The Sopranos Anticlimax

I missed pretty much the first season or two of HBO’s The Sopranos. I’d gotten into watching Oz and was ticked off that they took one of Oz‘s actors, Edie Falco. She played a prison guard in the show. Anyway, I eventually got interested in it and over the last three or four seasons made a point to watch the new episodes.

So last night was the big series finale. After all the blood shed last week, the consensus among show watchers was the Phil was going to be successful in getting rid of Tony. The show kind of just plodded along until Phil got hit, then started plodding again. All the time you’re watching and waiting for Tony to finally get his due.

Then at the end, the screen just goes black. That’s it. Tony and his family are at a restaurant about to eat dinner. All through the final scene you’re teased with all these ominous people in the restaurant, just wondering which one has been hired to kill Tony. As it turns out, the only suspense was whether or not Meadow would figure out how to parallel park. Then you hear the bell on the door ding, and nothing. No ending music, no resolution, nothing.

So, I guess the “moral” of the story (a story about characters with no morals) is that life goes on. Maybe crime does pay after all.

All I know is, I’m canceling HBO. No, not because of the way The Sopranos ended, but primarily because it did end. There’s nothing left on HBO I’m interested in watching. They canceled Carnivale and Deadwood, which were two really great shows. So I’m finished with HBO. They may have some great original programs, but it’s not worth my time getting into them just so they can cancel them later.

UPDATE: Called Comcast and had a very weird experience. The first call, I pushed 1 for English (this is America, I shouldn’t have to do that), then plugged in my 10 digit phone number, and was then told someone would be with me shortly. Fellow picked up, I said “I want to cancel HBO” and he asked me for my phone number and address. Then said he wasn’t the one who did that, and couldn’t transfer me to the one who did. I actually had to call back. The lady I spoke to on the second call was able to cancel HBO just fine. Strangely enough, she wasn’t even interested in knowing why I canceled. Anyway, it’s going to save me $144 a year, so it was worth it.

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