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July 19, 2007

Music Listening Ettiquette

We went to see Rachel Williams Wednesday night at 3rd & Lindsley. She was celebrating the release of her new CD, Lonely At The Bottom. The place was packed.

I liked the music (especially since our friend, Vickie Carrico, was singing background). The crowd was full of Rachel’s fans. So you’d think that they’d have given her the respect someone on stage deserves by being quiet during the songs.

As usual, I was wearing ear plugs just in case the sound level was too hot (we were sitting in one of the tables next to the stage). There was a table right behind us, and they were talking so loud that I could barely hear the music.

For her encore, she sang a song with acoustic accompaniment, and she specifically asked the crowd to quieten down. But there were folks who were still trying to have a conversation over her music.

I don’t get it.

If you’re a fan of an artist, why disrespect them by a) not paying attention to the music, and b) trying to have a conversation during the music, such that you have to talk so loud it disturbs the folks at the table next to you?

The Bluebird Cafe is famous for shushing people who talk during their “in the round” shows. Maybe it’s time other venues started doing that.

Anyway, the show was good. Before Rachel took the stage, she had a few songwriters do some self-accompanied songs. Marcia Ramirez, Karleen Watt, Wood Newton, Austin Cunningham, Karen Staley, and Lisa Carver all did two or three songs that they’ve written or co-written. It’s really great to be able to hear the songwriters sing their own songs, to get a feel for the song as they intended it to be heard.

Rachel took to the stage with her band, and they did about a 60 minute set of songs from her new CD. I think I liked “Firestarter” best. Here’s a little sample of a show she did at 3rd & Lindsley back in February.

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