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February 14, 2008

Comcast, there’s a bug in my DVR.

Ah, the joys of having a DVR: You can watch TV when it’s convenient and skip those pesky commercials. When Comcast started offering the DVR’s here in Nashville, I couldn’t wait to get one.  I actually drove out to their office on Lebanon Road to pick one up.

So, we’ve had it for a couple of years now. I’ve probably run into the same bugs as everyone else: the “queue” bug (which Comcast says is going to be fixed this month), the mute bug, and maybe one or two others.

But apparently I have a bug that no one has seen. Here’s how to recreate it:

  1. Set up a series recording on a series that has shows that repeat at midnight (like something on Discovery).
  2. Set up another series recording (or a single recording) at the same time as the first run of the show in #1.
  3. Now you discover that there’s a third show you want to watch, but it comes on at the same time as the shows in #1 and #2. Go into the “scheduled recordings” menu, pick the show in #1, and tell it to not record that one episode of the show.
  4. Create a single show recording of the midnight (and it has to be midnight) showing of the show in#1.
  5. Stand back as the midnight recording will record until you stop it.

Yes, the midnight show will NOT stop at 1:00 am (or 12:30 am or whenever it’s supposed to). It’ll keep recording, and if it needs space, it’ll erase the older shows (that you probably either haven’t watched or were keeping for a reason).

This happened again to me on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I’d set up a series recording for Parking Wars. It ended up conflicting with a couple of other shows at 9:00 pm that I wanted to watch/record, so I set it to record the midnight show. When I got up and looked at the DVR on Wednesday morning, the recording light was still on. I realized that nothing was scheduled to record at 7 am, so I looked, and sure enough, Parking Wars was still recording!

There was something a little different this time though. Instead of having a 72+ minute recording, I had page after page of “interupted” recordings of “Parking Wars”. Obviously, only the first recording had Parking Wars. The others had infomercials and other overnight programming.

So I decided to finally call Comcast about it. I pretty much described the problem as I have above. They said they’d send a technician out. Told them I was just reporting a bug, didn’t need a technician. So he came out this morning.

I again described the problem to him. He didn’t get it after several explanations. Kept trying to tell me it was the way I’d set up the recordings. I finally gave up. At the end, he said that the ticket had been written up as a chargeable ticket, but that he wasn’t going to charge me. HUH? I just wanted to report a bug with their stupid DVR; I didn’t need anyone coming out anyway.

So, I’m going to recreate the problem, then call the technician on his cell phone. I’m going to take digital pictures of what I do (or maybe video it), so they can understand what’s going on. Then if they don’t do anything, I’m going to post it on YouTube. I just have to make sure we have enough room left on the disk before doing this.

If you’ve had this problem, leave me a comment. I’d like to find out how widespread this is.

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