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January 26, 2009

Seagate Drives

Why I avoid Seagate drives.

February 14, 2008

Comcast, there’s a bug in my DVR.

Ah, the joys of having a DVR: You can watch TV when it’s convenient and skip those pesky commercials. When Comcast started offering the DVR’s here in Nashville, I couldn’t wait to get one.  I actually drove out to their office on Lebanon Road to pick one up. So, we’ve had it for a couple […]

September 21, 2007

Microsoft Goes “EU”

Microsoft lost their big court case in the European Union the other day. They’ve got to pay a 2/3 billion dollar fine and, get this, give the source code to Windows to their competitors. I’ve often wondered why Microsoft just doesn’t take their ball and go home. What’s to stop them from saying “OK, EU, […]