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January 11, 2008

Working the Polls Again

I took today off from work. I’ve got a ton of vacation time and I’m to the point where I almost have to take a couple of days a month just to keep from going over the max.

Anyway, the reason I took today off is that I’ve been chosen (again) as a voting machine operator and today is the last day of training. They’ve also asked machine operators to cross train for the duties of application clerk and registrar. Since this will be my third election with the new machines, I don’t think machine operator training will take too long. Application clerk and registrar training is scheduled for 2.5 hours. I’ve never done those jobs, so it should be interesting.

Davidson County has a major shortage of folks to work elections. They try make sure both parties are represented with workers. I think I’m the only Republican who works at my precinct. That would make me one out of  about nine or ten who work my precinct; in Nashville, that’s about the right ratio. Republicans in Nashville are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

The job doesn’t pay much, about $95 for the day. You have to be there at 6 am and you usually leave at 9 pm. So it’s not a job you take for the money. But it’s a job I think more citizens should do. Once you do it, you won’t ever complain again about it taking so long to vote (and you really shouldn’t complain about that anyway; at least you’re getting to vote).

The Davidson County Election Commission is always looking for volunteers. Do something for the community, why don’t you?

Now, if they only had better security

The primary is February 5. Go vote.

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