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September 14, 2007

Charity Fatigue

It’s getting about that time when employers waste their employees’ time by having some of them hit up their fellow employees for donations to this charity and that charity.

My employer has a big deal every fall where they anoint someone in each area to do this. They give you this pre-printed form with your personal info already on it (that info used to include your social security number) and, even if you don’t want to give anything, you still have to fill it out.

Then there are the countless “walks” and “food drives” and I don’t know what all.

It’s annoying at best and a waste of time. I’m looking at my health insurance costs going up (again) in January, and they want me to pledge a monthly amount to United Way? Forget it.

And then you’re kind of made to feel guilty because you haven’t been “charitable”. Give me a break.

I’ve finally gotten to where I tell them that I give to the charity of my choice, and what that charity is is none of their business. It irks me that countless man hours are spent collecting this money and pledges, when those same man hours could be used for normal business operations. I wonder if the productivity that would be gained by having those folks actually do their job instead of beg for money would help the company enough so that they didn’t have to raise my health insurance costs every year?

Look, if people want to give money to the United Way or whatever their employer is hitting them up for, then that’s their choice. If it makes them feel good, great. I’m not saying that people shouldn’t give to charity; they should. But on their own terms. You shouldn’t need a third or even fourth party collecting the money to hand out to the charity.

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