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September 17, 2007

Big Brother 8: The End

I watched the penultimate episode of Big Brother 8 last night. It’s funny: early on I was rooting for the Donatos, but then Dick started his stuff which totally turned me against them.

I guess I’m rooting for Daniele, but it’s hard not to hold some of Dick’s actions against her. She had every opportunity to denounce his actions, but pretty much chose not to. And the producers should have disqualified Dick anyway. Seems he’d set up a code with a family member so that when he won HOH and got the letter from home, the code would tell him who to trust. Maybe they’ll let him get away with it like they did Johnny Fairplay on Survivor getting his “news” about his grandma’s death. Hopefully they’ll close up that loophole by next season.

Speaking of actions to denounce, the producers weren’t too kind to Amber last night. It’s pretty cruel to set someone up by showing them talking about being a model and then to show her in a bikini. I mean, I know she’s in la la land, but that’s really uncalled for. Although they apparently did give her a break by not airing her anti-Jewish views on network TV. Would have been nice if they’d not aired Dicks anti-Christian views. It’s interesting that Amber’s anti-Jewish views made the news (or at least made some web sites), but Dick’s much worse anti-Christian ravings didn’t seem to get on anyones radar. At least Amber can maybe claim ignorance; not sure what Dick’s excuse could be.

I must say however that Amber and Jameka didn’t come over as being good Christians. It seems like they treated God as their personal wish-granter. Plus they both had potty mouths that should have disappeared when they became Christians. I do agree with Dick though that God has better things to do than help two people on a game show win the thing.

It should be interesting to see the looks on everyone’s faces when Eric is revealed as America’s Player. I think he was my favorite player, and I wish he hadn’t been constrained with playing “America’s game.” Oh well.

So, I’ll predict that Daniele will win, and Dick will obviously be second. From last night’s episode, you could tell that Dick was expecting to get more than the $50,000 that second place pays. I have no doubt that he’d split his money with Daniele if he won, but I don’t see that happening with her winning.

While it looks like their relationship is on the mend, I predict that the money will come between them and they’ll become estranged again. That’s sad.

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