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September 19, 2007

Big Brother 8: The Finale

Well, I was wrong in my prediction that Daniele would win Big Brother 8. It pretty much came down to who played the game better, and I’ll have to begrudgingly agree that Dick did. He did what he had to do, when he had to do it to advance. Of course, that wouldn’t have been possible without the unwitting help of America via America’s Player Eric.

When the America’s Player twist was revealed the looks on the faces of the jury and Dick and Daniele were priceless. That twist, probably more so than the “former rival” twist, made the game more interesting to me this year than it has in years past.

I did watch the All Star version, but the year before I pretty much only watched the first few episodes. When Kaysar spouted off his ignorant views of the Iraq invasion, that pretty much turned me off that whole season. And when he got voted out of the All Star version, that pretty much kept me watching it.

So, Dick’s going to take a trip around the world. Wonder if he’s going to share any of the money (after Uncle Sam gets his half) with his daughter? Hopefully he’s learned the lesson that Richard Hatch didn’t seem to get and will pay the income tax on his winnings.

Survivor China’s up next on the reality front. I understand they’ve gone back to the basics and done away with Exile Island and will only have 16 to start with. Interestingly enough, I’m familiar with one of the contestants. That would be the professional poker player, Jean-Robert Bellande. I didn’t think much of his poker playing tactics when I saw him on TV, but those skills could come in handy on the show. I’d have to say he’s an early favorite to advance. Should be an interesting season.

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