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September 21, 2007

Survivor: China – Episode 1

The new season of Survivor started last night. This time they’re in the middle of mainland Communist China instead of on an island somewhere. Actually, it appears that they’re on islands in the middle of China’s biggest lake.

I was disappointed in the outcome last night of Survivor: China. They voted off a guy named “Chicken” who’s, strangely enough, a chicken farmer. After arriving at camp, he was rebuffed when he tried to tell the rest of the tribe how to build a shelter. Unlike others who’ve taken a “leadership” role in previous shows, he basically decided to back off and let the others figure out how to make shelter. As a result, after three days, they still didn’t have anything.

So, instead of getting voted off for being the “leader”, he was voted off because did didn’t assume the leadership role.

I don’t get these folks. In every season of Survivor, the “leader” seems to be the one with the target on his back. It’s as if being leader is bad for some reason. And to top it off, of the two folks who assumed leadership roles, one was more bossy than anything, and the other didn’t seem to really want to do it. “P.G.”, the Chinese girl, almost seemed to expect to be the leader just because of her heritage. Your skin color doesn’t make you a leader.

You’d think that when folks arrived at camp, they’d ask who has what experience. So, if you’re an architect,  then you should be deferred to by the folks who don’t know how to build things. Or if you’re a farmer, then you might know a little bit more about being out doors than the blonde from New York.

Chicken was easily the most colorful character on Survivor: China. He was my early favorite, but now I’m not sure I’ll be as interested in the show. However, there is a guy from Nashville, but he was almost invisible last night (maybe by design or by editing). And I’m still interested in seeing how Jean-Robert, the pro-poker player, does. Judging by the previews for next week, he’s going to ruffle some feathers.

Survivor: China has about two more episodes to retain my attention before I delete the series recording from my DVR schedule.

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