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June 6, 2007

Bill France, Jr., RIP

Bill France, Jr. passed away Monday, fittingly on a day they ran the postponed Dover Nextel Cup race.

I think that it could be argued that he resided over the Golden Age of NASCAR. He took over from his dad and grew the sport in the way it needed to go. When he left a few years ago, you could almost see the sport start going downhill: TV ratings are declining, historically significant tracks losing dates, cookie-cutter tracks taking their place, competition getting boring.

Granted, during his tenure, he had drivers like Earnhardt, Petty, Waltrip, and others who made the races exciting to watch. But I don’t believe NASCAR made any major changes like they have recently with the so-called “Car of Tomorrow”. The car of tomorrow has proven to be a dog to watch; it hasn’t added anything to the excitement of the races.

Also during his watch, NASCAR held very few Cup events on Saturday night. We’ve just completed a three-week run of Saturday night races. That has a major effect on local tracks, which until recently were where the next generation drivers came from. Nowadays, it seems like most drivers come from some open-wheel series, so I guess it’s a moot point that NASCAR is killing the local tracks.

The current leadership of NASCAR can’t hold a candle to Mr. France. May he rest in peace.

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