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May 10, 2007

NASCAR: Junior Drops a Bomb

Wow. So I hear that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had called a press conference this morning. I figured it was to announce his new contract with DEI for next year. Was I ever wrong.

If I’d known that the conference was going to be at his race shop instead of DEI, I’d have had a clue as to the nature of his announcement. If he’d re-upped with DEI, they’d have had the conference there; with him having it as his Busch race shop, that would have been a clear indication of what was about to come.

It must really be a bad situation for him to want to leave the company his dad started. But you can’t deny that the results haven’t been what they should be for any of DEI’s cars. Both their full-time teams have only had three top tens in ten races this year.

I was fortunate to get to see Dale Jr race a few Late Model races at the Music City Motorplex. He didn’t win any races, but he had some otherwise good finishes. He also had some bad ones. One I remember in particular is when he, his sister Kelley, and brother Kerry all were entered in the same race. They all crashed together on the first lap in the second turn.

One other memorable moment with Little Earnhardt was when he was practicing for a Late Model race in October 1996. He and another car crashed, and the fuel cell of the other car caught on fire. Both cars were destroyed (no one was hurt). He was left without a backup car. Bobby Hamilton, who at the time was fielding cars for Casey Atwood, offered to let him drive Casey’s backup car. Junior had to call dad to get the ok, because the backup car was a Ford. He got the ok, and drove the 200 lap race.

So the inevitable question becomes, what team will he go to? There are really only two other teams in Nextel Cup these days: Hendrick and Roush. I think Roush is out of the question, and Hendrick would probably dump Casey Mears and put him in the #25. Wouldn’t that be a hoot if Budweiser went back to that team? Actually, Gibbs might be another viable team for him to go to.

Of course, it’s every Earnhardt fanboy’s dream for him to go to Richard Childress and run a #3 car. I don’t see that happening, unless Childress gets rid of Harvick. And is finally running decent again this year, so that’s a long shot. So the two most realistic scenarios are him moving to Hendrick in the #25 or Gibbs in the #18.

Silly Season is going to be interesting this year.

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