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January 28, 2007

Hitting the Jackpot at the Hillbilly Casino

I’ve lived in Nashville since 1982. For the first time ever, we went to the Opryland Hotel complex to see a band play in one of the clubs. So, what group motivated us to go mingle with the tourists? Hillbilly Casino.

If you like rockabilly, you’ll love these guys. They’re fronted by a fellow named Nic Roulette. We first saw him a few years ago when he opened up for Webb Wilder at the Radio Cafe in Nashville. We were absolutely blown away. I’ve been doing the occasional internet search on his name since then to find where he was playing, but we were never able to make it to any of his gigs. Last night we finally go to see him with his new (to us, at least) band.

The band is what I like to call a “power trio”; that is, bass, guitar, and drums, with a vocalist (yeah, I know that’s four). Roulette (formerly of the Blue Moon Boys) sings. On bass is Geoff Firebaugh (BR5-49). Guitar is Ronnie Crutcher (Tobasko Kat, Brian Setzer’s Nashvillians). On drums is Andrew Dickson.

According to their Myspace page, they were going to be playing at the Delta Party Lounge at the Opryland Hotel, starting at 9 pm. We decided to make an evening of it and hit one of their restaurants first. So we got there around 6:30 and went to the Jack Daniels’ Saloon to eat dinner. Our waitress asked us where we were from (they must not get a lot of Nashvillians there), and we told her Nashville and that we were at the hotel to see Hillbilly Casino. Turns out, there was a booking error and they were going to play at Jack Daniels’ Saloon.

They started around 9:20 and played four 40 minute sets. The energy level in the last set was as intense as it was in the first set. Songs included everything from covers like “Ring of Fire” to their own compositions like “PBR” from their CD “Sucker Punched”.

The stage at Jack Daniels’ Saloon wasn’t nearly big enough for Roulette. He’s all over the stage during a song, spinning, kicking, and generally having a good time. When the band has a good time on stage, that makes it even better for the audience.

So, if you like rockabilly music, check out Nic Roulette and the Hillbilly Casino. They’re playing in and around Nashville regularly.

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  1. Brenda | Jan 28, 2007 | Reply

    Hillbilly Casino’s website said Nic Roulette used to be a ballet dancer. I figured he had to be some kind of athlete. He’s the real energizer bunny, isn’t he? I guess we ought to thank Webb for inadvertently putting Nic in our path. Last night’s show was as much fun for me as a Webb show.

  2. Glen Harness | Jan 28, 2007 | Reply

    I was thinking last night that I’d seen somewhere where he’d had ballet training. He’s certainly limber.

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