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October 13, 2008

Webb Wilder and Webbfest 2008

Webbfest III was last weekend. Unfortunately, we didn’t go this year. They decided (last year) to have it in Asheville, NC this year, and in what turned out to be some major lack of foresight, it’s in the middle of fall color season there. So, all the hotels are either booked or are too expensive.

I’m not sure why they decided to have it in Asheville, but they made the decision last year during Webb Fest. The previous two had been held in Knoxville. I was always puzzled as to why they didn’t have it here in Nashville. It’d make it cheaper for the organizers (no hotel/motel/travel bills for the band), plus it’d make it more likely that other former Beatnecks could make it to the show. Ah well.

We did get to see Webb and the band play last Saturday night at 3rd & Lindsley. It was a really incredible show, and Webb did a few new songs, and some old songs that he hadn’t played live in a while (“Hoodoo Witch”, “Ruff Rider”, and the namesake of this blog, “Loud Music” come to mind). His new guitarist, Bob Williams, did and incredible solo on “Jimmy Reed”, one of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

Looks like Webb is not playing in Nashville again until after Christmas, so this show will have to do us for a while.

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