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December 20, 2007

Help Save Nashville Speedway

A part of Nashville history is under attack. A “grassroots” group is out to get rid of the speedway at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Ostensibly they want to “relocate” the fairgrounds and the track. Realistically, there’s no way it can be feasible to build another race track in Davidson County. So in effect,they want to shut racing down in Nashville.

To counter one “grassroots” movement with a real one, I’ve created a web site called Save Nashville Speedway. There’s an online petition that you can sign to show your support. I’ll be updating the site often, so be sure to go and check it out. Over the next days and weeks I’ll be posting pictures and other historical data from the track.

If you’re a race fan and you don’t want to see this historic facility be pushed aside for “progress”, then I would appreciate it if you would go to Save Nashville Speedway and sign the petition.

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