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October 30, 2007

NASCAR: Atlanta, Memphis, Yawn

If you’re one of those racing fans who only watch races for the wrecks, then you must have thought the Memphis Busch race Saturday was an exciting race. What did they have, 25 cautions for almost half the laps?

My theory is that  this is a result of all the “Busch whackers” (guess they’ll have to figure out another punny name for those guys next year) who run week in and week out. This race had fewer Cup drivers and more Busch drivers. Those Busch drivers have not had the track time or the experience racing with other Busch drivers, so they’re more likely to make mistakes.

I hear that NASCAR is thinking of not awarding points to anyone in the Grand National Series who’s also in the top 35 in the Cup series. I think that’s a step in the right direction. What they really need to do is just have drivers declare for a championship. If Carl Edwards wants to defend his Grand National championship, then he’d be ineligible to run for the Cup championship. That way it’s in the drivers’ hands.

As far as the Atlanta Cup race goes, I’m still sleepy from the little bit I watched. It look like it might have a decent finish, but NASCAR’s choice to throw the yellow and white flags knocked that out. What’s wrong with not throwing the white flag out if there’s a caution? They should only end up under if they’ve tried a green-white-checker finish a time or two.

Sunday’s Cup race also marked the first time I can remember where a track champion from the Nashville Fairgrounds track did not compete. Jeff Green, Sterling Marlin, and I believe, Chad Chaffin are the only remaining Nashville track champions competing who compete or want to compete regularly. With Marlin and Green getting pushed out of their rides, that just leaves Chaffin in the Truck Series.

It’s definitely the end of an era. Nashville has had a track champion in the Cup Series competing on a regular basis for most of NASCAR’s history. NASCAR continues to leave its past behind.

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