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March 2, 2007

NASCAR’s Sliding Scale of Justice

DOUBLE SECRET SUSPENSION: They tested the new Car of Tomorrow at Bristol this week. Two “suspended” crew chiefs were actually allowed at the NASCAR sanctioned test.

The two suspended Michael Waltrip Racing crew members weren’t allowed at the test.

NASCAR again seems to have a big gray area in its handing out of penalties. Suspension seems to mean whatever they want it to mean.

I think this is proof that NASCAR has topped the hill and is on the way down. How can you have any credibility when you selectively apply punishments?

OFF WEEKEND: The Nextel Cup is off this weekend. The Busch Series might as well be. I have no interest in watching a) a road race, and b) a foreign race. If I wanted to watch that stuff, I’d be an F1 fan.

I have no idea why NASCAR thinks they need a race in Mexico, unless they want to get all the illegal aliens in the US as fans. It seems to me that they’re trying to make Busch Series racing something it’s not in order to reach a “broader” audience.

It strikes me that they wouldn’t need to reach this “broader” audience if they realized who their real market is and tailored the Series to that market. Instead, they pretty much abandon their core constituency and make changes that take the Series backward.

SPEAKING OF THE COT: NASCAR’s now floating a trial balloon that indicates they’re thinking about going full time with the Car of Tomorrow next season, instead of running a partial season with it like they’re doing this year. If they have any interest in saving teams any money, they’d do that. Having to have both types of cars has to be costing teams more money. I saw a Speed TV show tonight about the testing for the COT at Bristol, and the (suspended) Robbie Reiser said pretty much the same thing, that NASCAR should go full time with the COT in 2008 instead of part time. It makes sense, so I guess NASCAR won’t have any part of it.

TV RATINGS: The TV ratings of the California race were down almost 10% from last year. And if I remember right, the ratings last year were down some from the year before. It should be clear to NASCAR that they’re way over their post-Earnhardt-death bump in popularity, and fans are dropping like flies.

New fans are coming on board (which is who their marketing seems to be aimed at), but old fans are leaving faster than the new fans are arriving.

It’s obvious that the “chase” hasn’t added anything interesting to the season and I think the gimmick should be abandoned. The person with the most points wins the championship. Period. Yeah, you might have something like the blowout last year in the Busch Series, but you might also have a season like 1992 where Alan Kulwicki won by 10 points. And now with the winner getting more points per race, that blowout scenario is even more likely.

WIKINESS: I just finished editing the Deborah Renshaw entry on Wikipedia, for what its worth. I don’t have any idea why anyone would trust information found on Wikipedia. Her information about her years at Fairgrounds Speedway at Nashville was off by a year. Plus, they had the oft-quoted boilerplate about her being the first woman to lead the premier division in points. She actually shared the lead with Joe Buford, who went on to not only win the championship that year, but break Darrell Waltrip’s record of wins. I may have to edit some of the stuff they have about the Speedway as well. I only spent nearly 10 years as the track’s webmaster, so I think I might be a little qualified to make the changes.