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December 6, 2006

Small Frame, Big Voice

Vickie CarricoThere’s a link on right side of this page to a singer named Vickie Carrico. That takes you to Vickie’s MySpace page where you can hear some of the cuts from her new CD “Never Been Hurt”.

Vickie might be a little over five feet tall. But she’s got the voice of a giant. She can belt out a song like no one I’ve ever heard.

I was first introduced to her music in the mid 80’s by my then-business partner. Her (my business partner) husband was a singer and song writer who’d worked some with Vickie. They took me to a show where Vickie was playing, and I was just blown away. Over the next few years, every time she and her band played in Nashville, I was there (mostly at the Bluebird Cafe). I also saw her sing backup with several performers. Of the folks I saw her sing backup for, probably the best one was a guy named Steve Davis. He had a song called “Take Time To Know Her” cut by Percy Sledge in 1968. He’s also had a handful of songs cut by Joe Cocker.

Anyway, I fell out of touch with Vickie in the early 90’s. I think she left Nashville for a while. Four or five years ago, she was playing at the same venue as Webb Wilder, the now defunct Trafalgar Square (a four story building downtown that had a different club on each level). The group she was with is called Kentucky Thunder (not the Ricky Skaggs backup band), which is fronted by Vickie and three other women (who all come from Kentucky, I believe). We alternated between the floor Webb was on and the one Vickie was on.

I hadn’t seen Kentucky Thunder play since probably 2003, even though I’d been watching the venues for their name. About a year ago, I did a web search on her name, and came up with an email address. Sure enough, it was her. I emailed her to find out what she was up to. Early this year, I discovered she had a MySpace page, and lo and behold, had four songs on it from her soon-to-be-released CD.

She’d had a record deal in ’88 or ’89, and recorded an album that was produced by Nigel Olson (she was even nice enough to bring by a rough mix of it on cassette when I was in the hospital in ’89). But that never went anywhere. Back then, she played rock and roll.

On the new release, she’s changed styles to a more blues oriented sound. We’ve seen her play a couple of times since the CD was released, and will be going to a new club to see her tomorrow night. This will be her last show this year, since she’ll be singing backup for Brenda Lee the rest of the month.

If you like blues, by all means stop by the Rutledge at 410 4th Avenuue South in Nashville tomorrow night. The doors open at 7 and Vickie goes on at 8.

UPDATE: Just got back from the show, and it was great as usual. Had never been to the Rutledge before, but I’m very impressed. The sound system is state of the art.

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  1. Brenda | Dec 12, 2006 | Reply

    You know, Glen, as I said to Vickie, if she were available and you were looking, you’d be tossing me and my bags out onto the sidewalk in a heart beat. But, I can’t hold that against Vickie, because she’s just so likable and talented. I’ll just have to take my hostility out on you.;-) Where are the emoticons when you need one?

  2. Glen | Dec 12, 2006 | Reply

    Uh, not sure what to say about that. I think if that were ever a possibility, it would have been in the late 80’s when I was going to see her at the Bluebird all the time.

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