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March 13, 2009

UPDATED: Comcast Sucks

Got a nice little letter in the mail today from Comcast. Seems that someone there screwed up and deleted the line item from our bill that charges us for internet access. So now Comcast is correcting their mistake, and they’re such a nice company they’re not even going to charge me for the “free” internet service I’ve been getting!

So, since there wasn’t any indication in this letter about how much my bill would be going up, I had to call. Talked to a guy who told me my $100 ish cable bill would be going up to around $140, not including taxes. That would put it up around $150 or so (they can’t ever seem to tell you how much the taxes are going to be).

I said that as far as I knew, the plan I had included internet access, and as far as I was concerned, I’d been paying for it all along (this “mistake” happened in October of 2006!). Comcast rep said that they weren’t going to make me pay for the over $1300 in internet service I’d gotten for free. Told him again, no, my package includes it. Don’t know what happened on your end, but that’s not my fault.

So now I’m looking at trying to reduce this bill one way or another. His recommendation was that maybe I could get their phone service. Huh? Here I am complaining about how expensive it already is, and he’s trying to upsell me? Do I sound stupid on the phone or what?

I’m going to explore other options, but I suspect that I’ll have to stay with Comcast for the internet (even though it’s not “free” anymore). That means I’ll have to cut back on something else. We’re not using our land line phone much anymore, so that might be an option.

I’m really disgusted with Comcast right now. Somehow they’ve changed my plan from one that included internet access to one that doesn’t, then they have the gall to tell me I’ve been getting it free for two years, but now they’re going to charge me.

Comcast does indeed, suck.

UPDATE: Well, that was interesting. Comcast called my house today and offered to cut the $42/month internet charge to what a new customer would get, which is $20/month for the next six months. I guess it’s better than going through the hassle of trying to find another broadband provider. I’ll revisit my internet options in six months; maybe by that time AT&T will have their TV service more widely available (you know, the TV service that Comcast lobbied the Tennessee state government to not allow). I’m still not entirely happy; I’d like to be able to pick and choose the channels I want, and pay for just those. If you want one or two channels in one of their higher tiers, you’ve got to pay for all of them. Oh well.

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