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August 30, 2007

Computer Tip: Fixing the Mysterious Moving Mouse Cursor

A few months ago, I got a new computer at work. Since I’m a computer tech, I had to install Windows and all the software on it myself.

Shortly after I got all the stuff installed, I was looking at the monitor when I saw the mouse cursor just take off on its own. I thought at first I might have been moving the mouse cord with my leg, but that wasn’t the case. The cursor would just start moving, generally to the up and to the left.

I never had time to research it and find a fix, but it finally got to the point that it was really annoying. So I did a Google search and found a few suggestions.

The fix actually turned out to be a default setting in the mouse control panel applet. Under the “Pointer Options” tab, there’s a section titled “Motion”. In that section is a check box labled “Enhance pointer precision”. When you install Windows, that’s checked by default. But for some mouse hardware (actually, just about every mouse I’ve seen), it causes the mouse pointer to start moving on its own.

The help text associated with that setting says it’s supposed to give you more control of the pointer. I guess that’s true; turning it off gave me complete control of the pointer.

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