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August 24, 2007

Big Brother 8

I admit it: I’m a fan of reality TV. In the game-show sub-genre of reality TV, I like Survivor, Amazing Race, and yes, Big Brother. In the real-life sub-genre, I like Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, Survivorman and other shows that actually show real life.

Regarding this season’s version of Big Brother… The only decent person in the house is Eric. He’s handling the duties of America’s Player extremely well. If anyone “deserves” to win Big Brother, it’s Eric.

There was some controversy recently about Amber’s remarks about Jews. Actually, those remarks were nothing compared to Dick’s assault on Christians and Christianity. I wonder why that didn’t make “news”?

But the two “Christians” in the house aren’t giving him very good examples. I’ve never seen two more selfish “Christians” than Jameka and Amber. In their world, God is in His Heaven, and he’s watching CBS’s 24/7 feed on the mother of all internet connections, listening to their every word, answering all their prayers. “Please let me win.” “Please let me stay.” They think God has nothing better to do than help them win a stupid game show?

And finally, Jen got the bum’s rush Thursday night. She’s a “nanny” in real life, but I wouldn’t let her watch my fish.

As far as Jessica goes, enough with that stupid hairdo! Combing your hair over the top of your head like that makes you look as dumb as you sound.

Zach makes Jessica look like a genius though. He’s been coasting through the whole game.

Last week Daniele hated the game and hated the house, then suddenly she wins HOH and all is right with the world. I was actually rooting for her and her dad earlier in the season, but some of the stuff he’s done, and her failure to renounce it, makes me sick. Anyone else in that house should hope that they go up against her or Dick in the final two; it’d be a slam dunk for the other person.

I guess I’ll have to actually watch that new Drew Carrey game show next Tuesday, just to see how bad Amber does. She did so bad in the POV competition that was modeled on the show, I’d say it’s a lock that Daniele won some money.

Survivor starts in a few weeks. Hopefully the folks they’ve picked are interesting. I’ve actually seen one of them on TV before, the pro poker player. Didn’t really like the way he bullied the other players in poker, so it should be fun to watch him on Survivor.

Which brings me to my final point… people in these reality game shows make a big deal out of “integrity” and “honesty” and whatnot. Anyone who goes into one of those games thinking they can be 100% honest is either a fool or they’re lying to themselves. In poker, it’s called bluffing: making your opponents think you’ve got a big hand when you have zilch. That’s part of the game. I don’t understand why folks continue to be astonished that someone else in the game “lied” to them. It’s just like poker; if you get bluffed, take it like an adult and move on.

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